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About Us

Our Mediators 

We have an amazing team of mediators who will visit you to help your situation. Our mediators have had special training and many have years of experience in helping people to resolve their disputes.

Our Office Team


Our helpful, friendly team of 4 work from a virtual office.

An Example of Our Work 

Here’s an example of a couple of neighbours who found that using mediation helped to improve their situation.

Simon* and Pete* fell out when Pete complained that he could hear loud music and conversations from Simon’s flat which was adjacent to his garden. Simon had been unaware that the noise from his phone conversations could be heard by Pete late at night. Pete became more aggravated by night time noise which was disturbing his sleep and causing stress.

The neighbours agreed to take part in mediation. Resolve mediators met with Simon and Pete individually and then arranged for them to attend a joint meeting at a local community centre. Mediation follows a format to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to put across their point of view. Participants are empowered to come up with their own solutions to the issues raised.

Pete was able to tell Simon about the effect of the night time noise and Simon responded by explaining that he was bothered by Pete’s dog barking in the garden and the many garden parties that Pete and his family were hosting. They had a discussion about how noise affects everyone.

Simon and Pete agreed new ways to limit late night noise, and for the dog to be brought in from the gardens in the evening. They also discussed how they would let the other know if noise became a problem again.

Simon said: “Things are all good, I have no complaints and I also have my neighbours telephone number so that I can contact him if I need to in the future.”

Pete was also pleased with the outcome and thanked the mediators for their help.

*Names have been changed

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