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Mediation to help Reading Families

Mediation funded by our supporters

Resolve is able to provide young people and family mediation by funding received from:

Berkshire Community Foundation.

The National Lottery

The Englefield Trust

The Aviva Community Fund


This has enabled us to help young people and their parents where relationship and communication breakdown is causing upset and stress. 

For example, in one case, the parents of a 16-year old, "Jack", were desperate and considered asking Jack to move out. He was constantly arguing, occasionally violent, had poor school attendance and suffered from depression. The family agreed to try mediation to resolve this. 

After trying mediation and attending to a joint meeting, Jack and his parents were able to come up with new ideas of how to communicate differently and discuss behaviour. Four weeks later, their relationship had improved greatly due to the small steps they agreed at the joint meeting to appreciate each other and be more considerate.

"Mediation has been a turning point for this whole family and everyone felt the benefits" - Jack's mother. 


Visit the Young People and Family Conflict page.

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