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Mediation services 

Mediation Services

Charity number:  1061866

Mediation between neighbours

The range of neighbour problems we can deal with is very wide. No problem is too small or too large for our attention.

In serious cases we will work with police, environmental health and housing officers to get effective solutions to neighbourhood problems.


Workplace Mediation

Mediation can handle a whole range of common workplace issues:

  • Conflicts with managers or colleagues

  • Disagreements about how work is done 

  • Differences over expectations

  • The so-called ‘personality clash’ (often, in reality, a ‘behaviour clash’)

  • Incidents which have given rise to misunderstandings, hurt and offence 

Young people & family conflict

Sometimes families fall out and this can lead to someone leaving or being asked to move out.

We can work with young people and others who are at risk of losing their accommodation through family eviction or because they feel they can't stay in the family home any longer.

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