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Young People and Family Conflict

Mediation and Conflict Coaching - Between family members

Many families experience differences which can lead to difficulties in communicating with each other.  Sometimes this leads to conflict between individual family members and it isn’t always easy to work out how to change the situation for the better.  Mediation and Conflict Coaching can help.

What if we can't talk to one another?


Often it seems adults won’t listen to young people and young people won’t listen to adults. It can feel incredibly frustrating and hopeless. Mediators can help when things have gone wrong like this to get people talking again and working things out. We can’t undo the past but it is possible to draw a line under it and move on.

Mediators are used to talking to young people and their parents. We seek solutions that everyone feels are fair and workable. Young people and their families, not the mediators, decide the outcome.

We always start by seeing people separately so you can say what you need to say to us - we are a confidential service and we don’t pass on information to anyone else unless someone’s safety is at risk.

What happens if I want to go ahead with mediation?


You meet with the mediators first on an individual basis, usually by video link but it might be possible to meet in person if you live within the Berkshire/Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.  You can explain to the mediators what's happened and how you see the problem.  We will tell you how mediation works and talk through any next steps with you.

The mediators then go through the same steps with the other people involved.  These meetings are entirely voluntary and you can stop at any point.

If everyone is willing and if appropriate to the situation, we may then arrange a joint mediation meeting where everyone can talk about the issues involved and what needs to change.

What if we don't want a meeting with everyone together?

If it isn’t possible to hold a meeting for everyone to talk about the issues together, mediators can offer conflict coaching.  This means that they work with each person involved on an individual basis helping them to explore solutions and find agreements all involved can live with.  Almost everyone who tries conflict coaching will see positive improvements.  Please click here for further details about conflict coaching.

Trauma Informed Practice

Resolve Mediation puts trauma informed practice at the heart of its work; Mediators do not blame, judge or take sides.  By enabling family members to talk, listen, decide what needs to change and how this will be done, Mediators are helping families go forward with the tools they need to improve the situation themselves. 

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