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Mediation Between Neighbours

Problems between neighbours


The range of neighbour problems we can deal with is very wide.

These are common ones:

  • Noise nuisance of every kind

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Verbal abuse, intimidation and harassment

  • Nuisance caused by animals

  • Parking and shared spaces

  • Unjustified or tit-for-tat complaints about you from other neighbours

In serious cases we will work with police, environmental health and housing officers to get effective solutions to neighbourhood problems. No problem is too small or too large for our attention.

What happens when you decide to use mediation?

Step One - getting Resolve involved

In the majority of cases, with your consent, you will be referred to us by your housing association, local authority or other organisation.

Step Two - the mediators visit

The mediators will contact you and others involved and arrange to visit each household separately. You can tell them about the problem and they will explain how mediation works.

The mediators won't take sides or judge anyone, and won't pass on anything you have said without your permission.

Step Three - an opportunity for discussion and problem solving
If all involved agree, the mediators will arrange for everyone to meet in a safe, neutral place to explore solutions to the problem.
If you have concerns about meeting face to face, you can discuss this with the mediators.
The mediators will help you reach agreements that meet everyone's concerns and that all involved in the dispute can accept.
The agreement can be written down and signed by all present and each neighbour will keep an identical copy.

Step Four - follow–up

The mediators check with everyone two weeks after the meeting to see how things are going, and again if necessary.

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