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School Mediation 

Mediation in Schools

Thames Valley Police is funding a pilot project run by Resolve Mediation for young people, aged 11–18. Mediation aims to prevent conflict and cyberbullying from escalating into crime.


  • Is fair, impartial and independent of the authorities

  • Helps young people to generate mutual respect, understanding and empathy for those they are in conflict with

  • Is delivered by trained community mediators and Reading Law Students


The project aims to reduce police time investigating conflict between young people and prevent under 18s becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

We can contact the school to arrange to hold the mediation case there, or if the cyberbullying is taking place between pupils of different schools we can arrange to use a neutral venue.


Who can take part?

Young people (ages 11–18) in conflict due to inappropriate use of social media. They can know each other through school or outside of school.

When is mediation appropriate?

Young people who are willing to resolve conflict, want to avoid further action and have both been involved in the conflict.

Who do I contact?


Police Schools Officer, Lesley Wakelin

What happens next: If the case is suitable?

Resolve will get in touch with the participants within 5 days to explain and initiate the mediation process.

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