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For the last twenty years Resolve has provided a comprehensive community mediation service to the population of Berkshire and its environs.  We are primarily involved in the delivery of mediation between neighbours and between young people and their families.  In addition we aim to raise awareness of the benefits of a mediation-based approach to dispute resolution and to provide mediation in the workplace.

Resolve’s Berkshire mediators come from a range of backgrounds and life experience, and range from paid “lead” mediators to voluntary “trainee” mediators.  Their wealth of skill and expertise makes them a competent, experienced group who deliver high quality mediation to our clients.  They work together as a team and meet regularly for group and individual supervision sessions.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources, including customers such as Housing Associations, West Berkshire Council Environmental Health Department, and the Police.  We offer a specialist service unlike that of any of the other statutory or voluntary agencies.  We have established a track record as a trusted and respected partner organisation with an important role to play in dealing with neighbour nuisance, anti-social behaviour and the like.

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