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About mediation

Mediation is a way of sorting out differences without having to involve solicitors or the courts. Mediators are independent, non-legal people who listen to both sides of the dispute and help the people involved to reach agreements between themselves.

When can mediation help? PDF Print E-mail
Mediation can work in a variety of contexts.  For example it is appropriate in the home , in the community or at work.
Who are the mediators? PDF Print E-mail
Mediators are people who have had special training and experience in helping people who are in dispute to work out solutions to problems. Mediators don't take sides or tell people what to do. They are good listeners. They help people explore solutions and find agreements they can live with.
Things to remember about mediation PDF Print E-mail
  • It is fair to both sides. Both neighbours get the chance to air their feelings and put their point of view
  • No one has to admit fault or climb down. Agreements are 'win-win', offering something to both sides
  • Agreements are written down, and are practical, reasonable, and form a benchmark for the future
  • It is a quick, effective alternative to costly legal action - or doing nothing and putting up with the problem
  • It is voluntary. You can withdraw from it at any time if you wish

Most people can access the service free of charge. You can always call us for an informal and confidential chat if you have a neighbour problem and want to know if mediation could help.

Does it work? PDF Print E-mail
Almost all people who try it experience some improvement and for many it resolves their dispute completely.
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