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Everton is one of Resolve's lead Community Mediators. He has been doing case work as a freelance mediator with Resolve since completing our two-day Cross Training course in 2015.

Everton researched community mediation after retiring from his role as Head of Internal Audit for UK government non departmental public body. He prioritises spending time with his daughter and was looking for a way of contributing his time and skills to benefit the community but with flexible hours. During his career, Everton had used core communication and listening skills to audit and investigate encouraging people to open up and disclose uncomfortable information. He was good at managing time and reserving judgement in complex situations.

Resolve Mediation’s ‘Cross Training’ course introduces the setting for neighbourhood mediation and takes delegates through the principles and steps involved in mediation as well as practical exercises to practice and refine the skills used. Empowering the participants to find their own solutions is another central aspect of mediation which is covered in the course.

Everton said: “The training was excellent, it was well paced by the trainers with humour and

practical exercises. We were taught the specific structure for community mediation meetings,

both the individual visits to clients and the joint mediation meeting. I was able to reframe my

commercial skills to work with people who are attending voluntarily and often in states of

anxiety and high emotion.

I especially enjoy the aspect of mediation where the agenda is led by those in dispute. It’s not about us as mediators, it’s about helping residents, often vulnerable people, to express themselves. We guide them to set out their issues and then focus on finding realistic ideas to manage problems and communications positively with their neighbours in the future.”

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