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Are you being bullied online? Is someone sending you nasty texts, posting messages or photos on the internet to deliberately upset you? You may not even know who’s doing this to you.

But the good news is there’s lots of help and advice available, including how to reduce the likelihood of it happening in the first place.

Here at Resolve, we provide mediation for people affected by cyberbullying. This is a free service available to schools in Reading. 

In conjunction with students from Reading University, we can also visit local schools to talk to groups about staying safe online and avoiding behaviour which might upset others.

Please contact us for more information about our work in Reading schools.

I am being bullied, I want them to stop, what can I do?

  • Consider changing your privacy settings to control what people can see about you (click here to see how to do this)

  • Don’t suffer in silence- talk to someone you trust know

  • If it is happening at school, let the appropriate person at school know

  • Consider calling Childline at 0800 11 11 if you feel you can’t talk to anyone around you or visit

I want to support someone who is being bullied online



  • As a teacher. If you are a teacher in Reading more help is available through Resolve. In partnership with Reading University, Resolve can deliver an interactive presentation for year 7 and 8 to encourage discussion about and increase awareness of social media safety and cyberbullying, and where to go for help and advice. We can also help by providing free mediation to pupils experiencing difficult situations, working with all involved to find a resolution before the situation escalates.

Resolve is working with Thames Valley Police on this innovative project to tackle cyberbullying in Reading.

Remember, harassing someone online or offline is a criminal offence. Anyone affected by cyberbullying may contact Thames Valley Police by calling the non-emergency number, 101. More advice about online safety is available on the Thames Valley Police website.

Local Policing Area Commander for Reading, Superintendent Stan Gilmour, said:

By raising awareness of cyberbullying, we can highlight the impact that this type of crime can have on young people within our community.


By working in partnership with Resolve, we can identify cases of cyberbullying in the early stages. In the longer term this approach will help to prevent such cases, reducing harm, and ultimately reducing demand on police services.”  

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